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Life Coach Hilary Loewenstein has been interested in teaching using metaphysics for much of her adult life. She received a Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in 2007. She spent 13 years working with her teacher Avery Kanfer in Rockville, Maryland.

You can start your spiritual journey by taking Hilary’s mindful classes, or call her for a private consultation as your Life Coach. Hilary has also written a book that you can order online.

Is it possible to have it all?

Mindful Living Handbook, The AnswerLife Coach and Spiritual teacher, Hilary thinks so. At 48 she has the five golden tickets: good health, loving relationships, financial stability, life purpose, and most importantly happiness inside herself.

Life Coach Hilary with her two dogsThat’s a tall order. It didn’t come to Hilary right away. She worked hard for many years to build all of it. And continues to work hard every day to keep the positive vibration going. There are still moments when she feels sad, defeated, unsure, unwell, and angry. After all, we are all human; and it is impossible not to feel dark emotions. But the key is Hilary doesn’t stay in a negative vibration very long.

You can have it all too. Not only is it possible, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can manifest anything and everything you want in your life. When you become a client of Hilary’s, she will teach you how.

How Hilary Loewenstein became a Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher

hilarymtspirit2“I worked for the Federal Government for nine years. During that time I hated my job. I felt like I was faking my career. Like I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing and just pretending my way through to get by. When Five o’clock came I literally ran out of my office and into the fresh air to finally feel free. I was physically ill all the time. I was completely uninspired by the work I was doing. The thing is, I thought this was how we are supposed to feel. I thought everyone hated their job and we all worked and put in our time just to make money. The thought never occurred to me to find my purpose and follow it.

The Universe, however, knew I was way off course from my path. I kept getting subtle hints–

  • I “accidentally” received a new officemate who was into spirituality. Our organization had reorganized and we were the only two people left who didn’t request an officemate so we were paired together. Though I hated my work I loved being near her. She taught me a lot of basic spiritual concepts. My officemate introduced me to my love of Metaphysical Sciences.
  • I had a new boss. She was mean and decided no matter what I did, she was not going to like me. She would pick on me mercilessly. I finally left this job because she was so inflexible and felt like I had no choice.
  • Still not getting the bigger picture, I took a similar job in the private sector. Again, I hated what I was doing, but was introduced to two co-workers who were also into the Metaphysical world. Because of them I went to my first Silent Retreat, had my first Tarot Card reading, and walked my first Labyrinth.
  • I became so interested in Spirituality I went to the bookstore to peruse spiritual titles and a book literally fell off the shelf called, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.

This book changed my life. It is still my favorite spiritual book. It inspired me so much I became brave enough to quit my job and become a full-time mom.

My husband and I took a big financial hit by me leaving work as he was an entrepreneur. I had the stable job with the good salary and health benefits. It was a big risk for me to leave because he was just establishing his new business. Because I was honoring my path everything magically worked out. He started making more money rapidly and I was happy to be home with our daughter full time.

I kept running into people who would tell me there was this Spiritual Teacher named Avery Kanfer that I should go see. By the time I heard about Avery from five different people I knew it was a sign that I needed to see him. I did and it was kismet. He became my teacher for the next 13 years.


Everyone I knew would seek my counsel. When people talked to me about their problems I could feel the right solutions come and I could help them. I kept hearing a voice say, “You should get paid to do this. You are good at it.”

I got a degree from The University of Metaphysical Sciences to make myself more legit. I got straight A’s because the classes were interesting and easy for me because I enjoyed them so much.

I attended a spiritual workshop through the Americana Leadership College. The teachers flagged me as someone who should teach spiritual classes for them.

I taught their materials for a year to a group of eight women. The workshops went so well I decided to keep teaching spiritual principles through my own business.

Six years later I’ve had eight spiritual groups, a private practice, taught many workshops, done some public speaking, and published a book on manifesting your desires so I can start teaching to a larger audience!”

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