About Metaphysics

MetaphysicsMetaphysics are a different way to understand the world. A philosophy of the nature of reality and being where mind, body, and spirit are seen as interrelated and connected with each other.

Most of us divert “all our attention to the physical world. These sensory “bluffs” have caused us to miss the fact that what is invisible, what we can’t see with our eyes is actually more fundamental to life that what we do see.

Quantum physics tells us that the invisible energy realm– collectively referred to as the field, is the primary field and the primary governing force in the material realm. It’s the blueprint that forms reality.

Subtle energies, thoughts, emotions, and consciousness play starring roles in our life experiences, but because they’re invisible, we haven’t attempted to understand them or use them in our favor. To change the world is a simple matter of changing these expectations and beliefs. It’s truly that easy. To bring something into the physical world requires focusing not on what we see, but on what we want to see.” — (Mindful quote from) Pam Grout, author of E2

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