I can arrange a retreat program for your organization. Topics may include: creating positive thought in your job, how to work together more efficiently and effectively, tools to be a better listener, how to be more empathetic to your clients, and we can make a collaborative vision board for your organization. Contact me to customize your retreat program.

Stay tuned for future retreats soon to be announced!

Our Most Recent Retreats In the Catoctin Mountains

We met at the picturesque Gambrill State Park’s Tea Room in the ridge of the Catoctin Mountains in Frederick County for a day of relaxation and celebration. The theme was “maintaining balance within.”

We had discussion about how to prepare to go within during the winter months and feel balanced; did some energy work; yoga; chanting; created autumn art; took an easy silent hike; and participated in a beautiful guided meditation.

“What a beautiful fall day to share with other women seeking a moment of peace before the winter comes.  The Tea House in Gambrill State Park is perfect for a small retreat!  Thank you both for leading us in a lovely day.  Silly as it seems, Balance is something we all want to work on in our own ways.  This quiet time encamped in nature, with a fire going and porch overlooking the valley afforded me a much needed respite to focus inward, let go and relight my inner candle. Thank you!” — Laura

We also had a wonderful spring retreat in May on the ridge of the Catoctin Mountains in Frederick County, MD. It was an afternoon of relaxation and celebration. The theme was “Awakening Your Spirit.” We did some yoga, drumming, made wind chimes out of recycled items, took a silent hike in the woods, and had a guided meditation.

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