Mindful Living FAQs

What are the benefits of mindful living?

You can read my testimonials from actual clients and here is a sampling of benefits you can expect to experience from mindful living:

  • Increased energy and enthusiasm
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • More positive thinking
  • Increased gratitude and forgiveness
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved mood and emotional control
  • Increased sense of calm and well-being
  • Improved overall health
  • Balanced relationship to food
  • Reduced self-judgment and judgment of others
  • Increased ability to go with the flow of life, living in the present

Should I go to your group sessions or individual counseling?

The group sessions are less expensive. They are $25 a session. In each group session I teach a mindful living concept for the day. My two hour workshops include topics such as: positive thinking, putting yourself first, meditation, finding your purpose, gratitude, and self acceptance. In these workshops I teach the concept, we have discussion, and we usually do a creative exercise that relates to the concept. While the group sessions are confidential to the groups we don’t discuss individual problems.

My individual counseling sessions are all about you. One session is $100 for an hour. We spend the hour discussing your challenges and coming up with solutions and doable steps for you to work on at home.

Why would I work with a Life Coach/Spiritual Teacher rather than a professional Therapist?

Therapist’s are known for spending a lot of session time discussing the past. For example they might ask, “What happened when you were a child that upset you and makes it hard for you to trust?” You would then discuss in detail how your dad hurt you deeply when you were a child.

As a Life Coach/Spiritual Teacher the past is much less important. I am more interested in hearing what is upsetting and holding you back in the present and teaching you workable steps to move forward in life now. You will leave each session with solutions to incorporate into your daily life. You will leave each session feeling better and inspired to move forward.

Why learn different ways to meditate?

You want to find what meditation techniques work for you. By exploring different ways to meditate, such as: guided meditation, mantras, breath work, chanting, walking meditation, and gazing meditation, you will find how you can manage meditation into your daily life. Everyone is different and there are many ways available to help you fit meditation into your life to get full benefit.

Cancelation Policy

When you must cancel your appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice. I am rarely able to fill a cancelled session unless I know at least 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to provide at least 24 hours notice when you cancel, you will be charged the full fee for your session.

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