The Power Of Thought

Your Thoughts Control Your Life

Do you know how powerful the thoughts you think are?

They literally shape your life. The way to an optimal life is determined by how you think about things. Simply put, if you see things in a positive way that is what you will attract to yourself. If you see things negatively than that is what will come your way. Most of us don’t realize how often we are silently thinking negative thoughts.

My Personal Experience and Benefits with Positive Thinking

About 4 years ago I was significantly overweight. Every morning I would wake up and go into the bathroom to shower and get dressed and think to myself, “I’m so fat.” Cruel right? I never said these words out loud but that was how I saw myself. I was so upset about my weight gain that I decided to join Weight Watchers. At the same time I also decided to consciously change my thoughts to positive self affirming ones. Like, “you are thin”, “you look amazing”, “my body is beautiful”. (words we tell our children and friends to boost their self esteem but neglect to tell ourselves!). I had these words taped to my mirror. I said them to myself every time I looked in one. It was hard at first because I didn’t believe them. But I stayed with it and the more I thought about myself this way the more the weight came flying off of me. The people at Weight Watchers thought I was doing something unhealthy like starving myself because the weight was coming off at a rate of 5 to 7 pounds a week. In less than 5 months I lost 38 pounds. While I attribute some of the success to eating better I am sure that at least 70% was my new positive outlook about myself.

“The Law of Attraction”

The Law of Attraction states that everything in life has an energy. Energy either vibrates positively or negatively. So therefore, whatever you are thinking about you attract like energy and like vibration. If you are feeling joyful and prosperous you attract more of that to you. And likewise, if you are feeling bad, you will attract more sadness to you.

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