Hilary’s Mindful Living Testimonials

What people are saying about Hilary’s Mindful Living Group & Her Life Coaching

“If you or your group are looking for an inspiring talk and a delightful speaker to energize an audience, then Hilary Loewenstein is your choice. Not only is she poised,confident and so easy to look at, she shares a variety of suggestions and real life examples that listeners will identify with immediately. A popular and frequent speaker and individual life coach, Hilary is personable, smiling and complimentary to everyone. This speaker will be one you will want to have back a number of times. Everyone in my group each time we have invited her, has been ready to try something new and self satisfying in their lives. She works with individuals on a private basis as well as groups in classes and workshops and in individual presentations and programs. I recommend her highly. Be sure to check out her written materials and book to sense the flavor of her positive outlook on what each of us can do to live a better life for ourselves so that we can share a gracious and realistic point of view in reltionship with others.” –Dr.Enid Portnoy, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Gerontology

“Dealing with life isn’t easy. Throw in a chronic illness and a few kids with issues of their own and I felt like I was spinning out of control. I was stressed out and my pain levels were unbearable. I had daily doctor appointments and saw a traditional psychotherapist on and off for over a year. I wasn’t making any progress and felt more anxious after each session talking about the problems. Never did i realize that I had the solutions and just had to figure out how to unlock them. Hilary is such a warm and kind person and within moments I felt at ease just in her presence. She has given me so many strategies to deal with the emotional and physical problems that arise in my daily life and i feel much more in control than ever before. Our lives are truly a journey and I am grateful that I met Hilary along the way. I feel happy and alive and ready to conquer what lies ahead. Whether it’s my version of meditation, my mantras, or just taking the time in my day to be present for a short period of time, I have learned to find my center and peace and that has impacted my entire family.” –AW

“I have always felt some type of connection to the spiritual world. Many events have happened in my lifetime which I was unable to understand. The strategies I learned in Hilary’s Mindful Living sessions helped me to understand these events and how to apply them to everyday life. I am at peace now with several events and I continue to use many of Hilary’s strategies to resolve other issues my life.” –Beverly Marshall

“Hilary has taught me so much about life and learning to accept myself and others.. Most importantly she has taught me that having a mantra no matter what I am going through is KEY. I have had to go through some tough situations during my time seeing her. I always know I can hang on to and go back to a special mantra that she and I created together to get me through. Putting the words, “I AM” in front of a sentence is so powerful. I thank Hilary for always helping me to seeing the “light” and accept that things are “exactly as they should be.”” –Marcie

“Hilary’s group heightened my spiritual awareness and positive outlook. She opened my mind and heart to numerous possibilities, the power of positive thinking and meditation. Hilary’s teachings are part of my daily routine and it’s now a part of who I am. Through everything we have done in the group, I’ve been able to open my life to new experiences. Hilary has truly changed my life!” –Kelly

“Hilary’s classes have helped me really start living life more fulfilled and in the moment. She teaches you how to discover your inner voice. She has opened my eyes wider spiritually. I can see and understand so much about life, how to receive and give, how to achieve and relax, and so much more. The bonding with her and the women in our group has been extraordinary. When I started with Hilary, I was dealing with a toxic friendship that was emotionally zapping my energy, I was able to let go and heal. A friend asked what my resolutions for the New Year are and I told her about the classes and how I did not feel like I needed to make a resolution because I am attentive to living my life and giving every day. I cannot say enough about all Hilary has given to me.” –Jody R.

“I really enjoyed these mindfulness classes. I loved bonding with other like minded women, doing creative exercises with them and expanding my horizons. Hilary puts her all into these classes, always making them creative and interesting. I especially loved the extras that went along with our lessons — doing easy art projects, making meditation necklaces and other fun things.” –Robin K.

“This class has had a profound effect on me this year. I have known Hilary for a long time now. I was so impressed with her teaching during a Positivity Workshop at our yoga studio a few years ago. I kept putting off taking this class, even though I knew I would get a lot out of it, because I was focused on providing our kids with their classes and there didn’t seem to be time to add something for myself. But recent changes in our family’s schedule forced me to put myself first so that I could give my best to our family (and myself). After all, “You’re not ready until you’re ready.” Guess the universe was letting me know that I was ready. Our class is currently in it’s second session and I am so happy with the way I have learned how to listen to my inner voice and live my life with passion as I focus on my purpose. I find that I am more positive, compassionate, centered and fulfilled. I have more to give the people that I love and cherish and I am doing a better job of taking care of myself. If you are “ready,” please consider joining Hilary’s new Mindful Living Group which starts in January. You will begin a wonderful, life-changing journey and 2014 will be your best year ever! –Heather Zindash

“Something was missing in my life. I was mildly depressed and anxious. I was beating myself up and my mood was up and down. Since joining Hilary’s group, I’ve learned how to spirituality “work” on myself. Through meetings, exercises and meditations it has help me “clear the cobwebs” of my spiritual connection to the world. I have always had a light spirit, but now it shines even more since I have been guided how to live a fuller life through Hilary’s group.” –Julie Nicholson

“Hilary is the embodiment of the words “light and love.” No matter the circumstance or situation, she meets you with warmth, compassion and understanding. I have learned so much about myself in the time I was with Hilary’s Awakening group and hope to further my journey with her tutelage and guidance in the future.” –Dani Blair

“Hilary has been a true inspiration to living my best and fullest life. Through her guidance and instruction I have been able to more deeply explore my spirituality and bring a balance and peace to my life that was lacking. Having her in my life has been an amazing gift which I will treasure forever. After each of her workshops I walk out relaxed, inspired and ready to tackle life’s challenges in a positive and loving way. Thank you Hilary for being such a positive force in my life and for teaching me so much.” –S.S.

“Since joining Hilary’s workshops I’ve grown to be comfortable with who I am. I have found every workshop to be welcoming, interesting and thought provoking. Hilary leads us to see how the universe revolves around love and light for all.” –Deb Forish

“Going into a class Hillary called ‘spiritual’, I was very skeptical and wondered if it would conflict with my Christian faith. Thankfully, I found it reinforced my beliefs and in fact encouraged me to lead a more purposeful, compassionate and mindful life. It took a little courage to step outside of my comfort zone but I’m really glad I did. Thanks Hilary!” –Janet Reid

“My spiritual awareness developed in my twenties but after getting married and having kids it got lost in the hustle and bustle of life. As the kids got older and became more independent, I realized that a very important part of who I was, was missing. Long story short, a simple twist of fate presented Hilary. Being a part of her group has brought spirituality back into my life ten-fold. The beauty of the group is that by making the commitment, even when life gets crazy, it grounds me and refuels my awareness daily! A TRUE GIFT!!” –Shira Morissette

“To say that Hilary changed my life would be an understatement. She has opened my eyes and heart to a wonderful universe and all of its potential. Her counseling and guidance have provided such amazing insight in my life and through her practical wisdom, I have found my own.” — Karen Anderson

“I joined Hilary’s group in lieu of traditional couch therapy and I left every session feeling better than I had in “traditional couch therapy.”. I learned techniques to make me less anxious and I came out with a more positive outlook on my future, yet, learned to live in the moment.” –Tara Norman

“Hilary, thank you so much for the help you gave me at our healing session. You are a quiet and compassionate listener, and you heard my story as it spilled out of me. I haven’t had anyone else I could talk to about these things that were weighing heavily on me. You listened, and you guided and gave help and ideas and suggestions, which I am now practicing.” –Lauren Teton

“Through the “Awakenings” spiritual group, Hilary provided me with an environment to commune with other like-minded individuals that are also on the same path. I enjoyed being part of this group and on many occasions rearranged my schedule so I can attend the meetings. The material Hilary covers encourages me to further explore my true nature and live life to the fullest. In addition to providing tools, Hilary shares her experiences as she practices what she teaches, which serves as an inspiration for others to practice as well. I find Hilary to be authentic, compassionate, and a positive influence. Thank you Hilary for everything you have done!” –Anonymous

“When I first started to see Hilary, everyone else in my life came first before me. I found myself feeling less and less fulfilled as the years went by. After a few sessions with Hilary, I found my inner child and learned that not only is it okay and healthy for me to put me first, but that this helps me to be a better mother, wife, and friend. She is honest, open, and not afraid to speak the truth, but in an encouraging and positive way. I never feel uncomfortable with her or judged by her. I see her inner beauty and wisdom and from that, I find myself opening my heart and soul to her.” — Rosalee De Vires

“With my Roman Catholic faith background, I was not certain Hilary’s spiritual perspective would speak to me. Yet, our conversation flowed easily. Hilary sees and has personal experience with many of the identity, practicality, self esteem, belief in our own power, etc..and she uses it to ask excellent questions that delve deep into the issues we need to resolve. I have always felt her to be fully present. She is empathetic, yet determined to propel you onward, forward. I am inspired by my Coach’s committment to learning more for herself and her clients.”
–Laura Williams

“I have come to learn that taking time to nurture my spirituality is essential in creating peace, love and joy in my life. Meeting with the spiritual group has given me an opportunity to make this time a priority in my life in many ways. Hilary has opened my heart, mind and eyes through discussions and exercises that challenge me to seek the spirit within me and the connect to the vast world around me. Thank you!” — Alice Soluri

“Hilary’s small group setting allows me to learn about spirituality in a safe unconditional environment. With Hilary’s gentle guidance, I have been able to free blockages that I believe were holding me back from living my life to it’s fullest.” –Kim Penn

“I always look forward to our group meetings. I have made some wonderful friends. Hilary has taught me to be brave and to listen to my intuition so that I can live a more authentic life. I leave feeling recharged and ready to take on my busy life! ” — Nicole Reap

“I have found Hilary’s spirituality group to be a healing, exciting, safe place to explore myself and learn from others’ journey’s. I look forward to learning new things about life and myself every week. It is exactly what I need right now.” — Katie Smeltz

“I had heard from a friend about how amazing the spirituality group she was going to was. I wanted in so badly, but had to wait until a new group formed. I waited patiently and now am loving the group!! The topics are perfect. The bonds formed with the other members of my group are special. Hilary is so easy to talk to, listen to and learn from. This class has really changed me and has become two hours every week that I really look forward to.” — Holly Zook

“Hilary has transformed my life and I will never look at things the same way again. She has helped me “awaken” my inner being and realize there is so much more to life & living than I ever knew possible. She has taught me how to have “fun” in my life and I treasure our relationship. If this is what she has done for me in a very short period of time, imagine what she can do for you.” — Amy Weinberg

“Hilary is a superb role model for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and the universe. Her knowledge, insight and genuineness make her the perfect person to begin your journey with.” — Tammi Ginsberg

“Hilary’s group was a great experience that gave me positive strategies to use in everyday life. The lessons reminded me to take some time out for myself and put me on the “to take care of list”. –A.F.

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