It’s Summer! Cut Back on the “Have-Tos”

I just got back from a long, restful vacation at the beach. While I was there I stayed away from my cell phone and didn’t watch much TV. I had no idea what was going on in the world. Mostly I read fiction books and spent quality time with my family. A strange thing happened. I completely and utterly relaxed. I hadn’t felt this relaxed in a
l-o-n-g time. It almost felt foreign to me. I was in such a relaxed state I lost
track of the days.

I thought about why I was so relaxed and what came to me was, I had no “have-tos”.
There was nothing I had to do. No responsibilities, no errands, no one expected
anything from me.

It got me thinking… How can I bring this feeling home with me? What would it take
to feel relaxed in my daily life?

Everyone’s got “have-tos”. We all:

* Have to pay bills.
* Have to catch up on emails and calls.
* Have to make dinner.
* Have to drive kids.
* Have to clean the house.
* Have to work
* Have to exercise

Have-tos are necessary, there’s no way around them, but they keep us so busy that
we don’t realize until we’re on vacation how stressed we really were!
Join me this summer to start limiting the “have-tos” and relaxing a little more.
Here’s some ideas how to start:

  1. Schedule time each week where you allow yourself to be obligation and responsibility
    free. You’d be surprised if you really look at your to-do list, errands, and social
    obligations, how many things you don’t have to do. Cut back this list so you can
    spend more time relaxing. Carve weekly time into your schedule and be religious
    about doing it.
  2. Step away from your smart phone and computer. I don’t know if you remember life
    before this stuff, but I find when I am not checking my email, texting, or on Facebook
    every other minute I am much more present and can relax.
  3. Go outside. I know I’ve said this at least 1000 times in my newsletters, but
    here I go again: nature is always balanced. Unfortunately, humans are not. When
    you surround yourself in nature and listen to the quiet you will immediately relax.
  4. Don’t wear a watch or look at the time. Eat when you are hungry, rest when you are tired. Allow yourself to move to your body’s natural rhythm.
  5. Listen to relaxing music.
  6. Get Creative. Make art, do a puzzle, cook something interesting, play a musical
  7. Do something you like to do that you never make time for. Take a bike ride, lay in your hammock, get together with an old friend, go for a hike, read a book.

How do you limit your “have-tos”? How do you relax? Email me and let me know and I will share them with my readers.

Happy Summer!
In Love and Light,

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