Make Love Your First Priority

Love Comes First


I know you’re busy. You’re probably so busy that you’re rapidly scanning this article right now. I get that. Me too.

But lately, due to my busyness, I’ve been asking myself some deep questions:

* What is most important in my life?

* Where do I want to put my time and effort?

* When I die how do I want to be remembered?

The answers to my questions are likely the same as yours:

* My family, friends, and dogs are most important in my life.
* I want to spend quality time with my family, friends, and dogs as much as possible.
* I want to be remembered for being loving and present for my family, friends, and dogs.

So if you answered these questions similar to me; why do we often put these important people last?

Is consisitently working late to finish a project more fulfilling than conversation and sharing a meal with a loved one? Is watching hours of television more fulfilling than playing with your kid? Is spending hours on social media really better than connecting with a real live human-friend at dinner?

I thought about all of this and decided that the affirmation I will focus on this year is: “Love comes first.”

Meaning– that if I am faced with the decision to do yet another load of laundry or hang out with my son I will choose hanging out with my son. If I can spend an afternoon catching up with an old friend or running endless errands I will choose meeting up with my friend. And I will turn off the TV in order to spend quality time with my husband.

In the end, there will always be another project, groceries to buy, another good series to watch, Candy Crush to play– but after too much neglect the people in your life may pull away. Connecting with the people you cherish is always the best way to spend your time. Choose love first.

Happy Valentines Day.

In Light & Love,

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