Be Fearless

Be Fearless

Focus on Love


The recent shootings and terrorist attacks are a tragedy. In the wake of these devastating events I’m concerned that as a nation we are becoming fearful. Fear is the least desirable emotion we have as humans because fear is contagious like a disease. Its energy spreads rapidly and creates feelings of despair, anger, tension, and hatred which can lead to more violence. These negative emotions do not help us to heal. And we need to heal.

I want to encourage you to be fearless. Don’t avoid large, crowded places, or the airlines because you’re afraid of a possible terrorist attack. Instead focus your efforts on the opposite emotion: LOVE.

How do you stay in the light when you feel unsafe? Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Stop watching and reading the news. The media exploits sad stories in order to get higher ratings. Keep in mind the old saying, “If it bleeds it leads.” I guarantee, the more you watch and read the news the worse you will feel.
  2. Spend your free time enjoying your life. This is a two parter— 1) spend time alone doing activities you enjoy and 2) quality time with your loved ones. Everything we do in life is an energy vibration. If you are enjoying your life you feel gratitude and love. Good feelings are contagious and the positive vibration spreads like  ripples in the water.
  3. Volunteer. Do something to help your community. Feed or give out presents to people who have less this holiday. There is no better feeling than being of service to other people.
  4. Pray daily for the healing of our world. We are all in this together. When you bleed I bleed. When you succeed so do I. Pray for a coming together, a worldwide peace.
  5. Get outside. Being in nature gives you body more of the natural vitamin D that
    will enhance your immunity and naturally boost your mood.
  6. Let go of petty things that irritate you. Lighten up. Celebrate that you and
    your loved ones are still here with lots of life to live. Let go of the rest.

Now more than ever we need to rise up with a collective feeling of love. Our world needs more love so that fear doesn’t take over and hatred and killing become rampid. By using our energy to spread love, laughing, enjoying simple moments, and connecting with others we heal ourselves and our world.

Happy Holidays!

In Light & Love,

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