What is Your Intention?

woodspathLife is all about intention.

Often we do things that seem positive, but they’re actually not. If you do something that’s considered nice or kind, but only did it because you felt like you should, well then my friend, you are putting out negative energy to the world and that’s what your body absorbs too. Let me explain.

Everything is energy. What we think, say, and ultimately feel is an energy. Energy vibrates positively or negatively. Obviously we want to vibrate positively right? If we give off positive energy life will be great! So positivity is the goal.

However, imagine a friend asks you to help her paint her bedroom on Saturday.  You really don’t want to because you’re exhausted from the week and need the day to recharge. But, you are a loyal friend and feel like you should, so you agree to help. You even reassure her that it’s no problem. While outwardly you’ve done a very nice deed it does not serve you or the Universe well. You’ve sacrificed yourself for someone else. Your intention was to relax but because you felt guilty you painted the room all day. The result is a pretty bedroom for your friend and an exhausted you. If you had relaxed like you intended to do you would have vibrated positively. Make sense?

Intention is behind everything we do. It is intention that matters most. Doing something out of guilt or because you think you should ultimately puts out a negative vibration on your action.

Think about it. Can you feel the difference when you are doing something out of love, desire, and kindness versus duty?

The lesson here is to be mindful about living your life based on what your intention is– never on what you think you should do. Doing something out of guilt in the end benefits no one. However, pure, loving intention benefits everyone including you!

In Light,

Hilary of Hilary’s Mindful Living

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