Mindful Breathing Exercise to Calm You the *uck Down

Sedona (64)Stressed? Waking up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts? Can’t fall back to sleep? Read on, I’ve got a solution‚Ķ

The topic of mindfulness is becoming extremely popular. This is exciting news for me considering the name of my business is (Hilary’s Mindful Living).

Mindfulness means to bring your attention to the present moment. Meaning: trying to calm that monkey-mind of yours and focus on this moment right now. It’s your racing thoughts and worries about the future or past that gives you stress and anxiety. When you can bring your mind back to the present moment you will begin to relax again.

There’s lots of minfulness exercises that you can try to calm the *uck down. But this one is my favorite:

Counting Your Breath

  1. Take a deep breath in expanding your chest and filling it with air. As you do this repeat the number “1” silently in your head.
  2. Now take a slow exhale repeating the number “1” in your head.
  3. Take your next deep breath in and this time repeat the number “2” in your head.
  4. Slowly exhale repeating th number “2” in your head.
  5. Repeat this exercise until you have reached the number “20”.
  6. Throughout the exercise if you start to think racing thoughts and forget what number you were at start all over again at number “1”

This mindfulness meditation will calm you the *uck down so you can fall back asleep. By occupying your mind with breath and concentrating on numbers you cannot think about your racing, stressful thoughts. You are being “mindful” in the moment.

This exercise is full-proof. Try it.

In Light,

Hilary of Hilary’s Mindful Living

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