The Universe Rewards Action

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The Universe rewards action.” This is so true. I heard this statement at a sermon at the Institute of Spiritual Development and have kept it with me as an affirmation all week.

I daydream a lot about my grand plans for my Hilary’s Mindful Living business: speaking tours, classes around the United States, merchandising etc. When I daydream I can literally see all of this happening in my mind’s eye. But when I come out of my daydream fear sets in and makes it hard for me to move forward with my grand plans. Who do I think I am to have big dreams like this? I’m just a regular person in my forties with no business connections.

This week my new affirmation, “The Universe rewards action” is propelling me forward. Think about it– anything good you’ve ever received in your life is because you did the work to make it happen.

Some times it is easy to see your results like:

  • studying for a test = receiving a good grade,
  • choosing to eat whole foods = a healthy body,
  • writing every day for 30 minutes =  the completion of a book
  • training for a race = completion of race

But it is trickier to see the results of bigger goals. Obviously, I can’t be a spiritual leader in a few months or years. So the solution is for me to take action every day to work towards this massive goal that I see for myself.

Think about the metaphor of driving down a dark windy road. You can’t see the entire route, only about 10 feet in front of you. When you drive 10 feet, then the next 10 feet are revealed. This continues again and again until you finally reach your destination.

So this is how I move forward with my dream. 10 feet at a time. Every day I must take action and do something to propel me forward as an expert in the Metaphysical world. Today I write a blog, make some calls to set up speaking engagements, design a workshop. Each day I will inch myself 10 feet forward with action.

Hilary of Hilary’s Mindful Living

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