Nothing is a Waste of Time – Seek Balance

11971491671607965323ClayOgre_BASIC_YIN-YANG.svg.medThe other day I received an email with an article I was interested in reading. The article was pretty long and the first thought that went through my mind was, “Oh forget it, I don’t have time to read this.” I don’t know about you but often I buy into a warp societal standard that we must always be productive. If we are not accomplishing something at every minute of the day then we are wasting time. And if we waste time doing unimportant things then how will we ever get it all done?

As I was brushing my teeth I suddenly had a soulful moment of clarity.

Nothing we do is a waste of time, especially things we enjoy.

It’s ridiculous that adults feel guilty slowing down and doing things they enjoy. Because once we accomplish everything on our “to do” list today, we get another list tomorrow!

Ask yourself, why do you think you are here on earth? To “get it all done”? That’s seems like a uninspiring reason.

I know for sure that each one of us needs balance for our mental, physical, and emotional well being. We require equal parts work and enjoyment. We shouldn’t feel guilty when we are relaxing. It is as necessary to our soul as working is.

The number one complaint I hear from my clients is they don’t think they have enough time. If they believed in balancing work and play they would know they in fact do have enough time. To them and to you I say–

Picture your life represented in the ancient Chinese yin yang symbol. The outer circle represents you in your entirety. The black shape represents work/purpose and the white shape represents play/enjoyment. Neither side is bigger than the other. Neither side is more important than the other. They are equal. Live your life in equal balance.

As for me, my most important affirmation I use every day is, “I have enough time.” And when an opportunity appears in my life that will allow me to have some fun I will always say, “Yes.”

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