I Know Why You are Unhappy– I Can Help You Find Inner Peace

justbeingClients often tell me they feel unhappy. Or they feel a deep emptiness inside and they don’t know why. It’s nothing they can pinpoint. Maybe they have everything they could want materially, are blessed with good health, have a great family and good friends. And yet when they are not busy being busy and are just sitting still they feel a deep sense of sadness.

In my early thirties I experienced this too. I tried everything to fill my emptiness– too much shopping, too much eating, too much partying– but when the buzz wore off of the great purchase I made or I sobered up I still felt that ache in my heart. It was as if I was missing a piece of myself.

The truth is, this unhappiness we feel is a lack of connection to our inner-self/The Divine/God– who we really are. It’s a spiritual connection that you’re missing. I’m sure of it– because when you have it you feel at ease, loving, and peaceful.

How do you begin to feel a spiritual connection? Start by getting to know your inner-self. You can do this by bringing spirituality into your life. Sit in the quiet, read books that speak to your soul, walk/sit outside, listen to music that is so good it brings tears to your eyes, build a connection with God, attend a place of worship, pet an animal, do yoga, write in a journal.

Nothing in life is more important than connecting to your soul. It is the only way to feel inner peace. And inner peace is the only way to feel lasting contentment.

*If you need help starting your journey to inner peace I offer phone counseling. Call me at 301-704-3308 for an appointment. My rate is $85 an hour. If you mention this blog I’ll give you 25% off your first session.

–Hilary of Hilary’s Mindful Living

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